Physiotherapist in thane

Physiotherapy is defined as a treatment to cure any physical deformity, injury or disease through physical methodology like exercise, massage and heat treatment rather than giving any oral medicines or drug.

Physiotherapy is now a very commonly used method amongst people to treat their physical deformity, disease or injury. It is not only effective but also saves money and mostly from any surgical chances.

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy, which is known as a method of treatment using mechanical force and movements to treat a person. Physiotherapy is known as an exercise programme done a doctor to improve a person ‘s quality of life through physical intervention. The doctor to perform physiotherapy is known as a physiotherapist. In every medical institution now the best physiotherapist or doctor is available. It has become very essential for every medical Centre and health Centre to have a physiotherapy clinic. It is now necessary to have a physiotherapist or doctor in every health Centre, hospital, nursing home and medical clinic.

Physiotherapy is an attempt by a physiotherapist to address a person ‘s illness or injury or a limitation in a person ‘s ability to perform their daily life activities. The physiotherapy enables the doctor to treat people and provide physical methods and exercise programme for sick, injured people.

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a medical treatment or physical methods that has many specialties, which includes orthopedics, neurology, sports, EMG, geriatrics, musculoskeletal, wound care, women’s health and pediatric. In the field hospital, neurological rehabilitation is emerging rapidly. It is now developing largely in many private owned physiotherapy clinic, hospitals, schools, health centre, medical centre, fitness centre, sports centre, and rehabilitation hospital.

The first doctors in the field of physically treating the people, first physiotherapists known were ‘Hippocrates’ and then ‘Galen’, well-known in the field of medical physio therapy.There are many other best physiotherapist in Mumbai and physiotherapist in thane, mumbai.

Types of Physiotherapy

Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy

Cardiovascular and pulmonary therapy includes an endurance and functional freedom. Physical method is used in this therapy to benefit the cardiovascular and pulmonary problems.

Clinical electrophysiology

This therapy includes electric instruments to cure physical wounds.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy or physical therapy is a field hospitals have now made most essential to cure a person suffering from a stroke,paralysis,trauma, chronic back pain, alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, facial palsy, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury and parkinson’s. This technique includes treatment for people who are sick and suffering from the above mentioned disease.


The orthopedic physiotherapy or physical therapy includes the physical methods like massage, heat treatment, exercise programme to treat the disorders and injury for the people that are sick and injured due to musculoskeletal problems. Medical problems like minute trauma like sprains, strains, insidious onset injury, bursitis, deformities etc are most often cured by the physiotherapist. Also, medical problems like sports injury, arthritis, sprains, strains, back and neck pain, spinal problems are usually cured with orthopedic therapy.


These physiotherapists are specialized in diagnosing and providing physical therapy for infants, children and teenagers. The cause maybe congenital, neuromuscular, acquired disorder and skeletal disorder. There are also treatments for improving attention, fine motor skills, coordination, and strength.


Athletes that play professionally and non professionally tend to usually get physical injuries. The first step is to diagnose the injury then apply the special treatment and advice the technique to encourage healing. Manage to give full recovery. The physical therapist professionally work with the sports team on daily bases who has specialized in that particular sports treatment.

Community Physiotherapy

This is the special therapy where the candidates of physical therapists are treating the disabled. They act as teachers to educate them and provide knowledge on treatments in management of chronic disease, disabilities and coordinating. This type of physiotherapy promotes the concept of community responsibility on healthy lifestyle.

Women's health

Women’s health is very essential after the age of 40 as the bones tend fall weak after a centain age of adulthood. Hence, it is essential for the women who start feeling pain in their joints and back at the early age to start physiotherapy so as to reduce the chances of surgery in the future just by treating the pain in the early time with proper physiotherapy. The conditions usually occur due to lymphedema,pelvic pain, prenatal and post period pain, incontinence and other disorders.There are multiple studies involved to increase the conception rate in women by using proper physio therapy.

Palliative care

The physiotherapy in the section of palliative care is growing widely and fast which helps to resolve the disease like malignant and non- malignant problems. The both groups of people or patients are suggested to diagnose at the early age. The faster the problem is diagnosed the easier it is to find the proper access to an solution. These leads to a better quality of life and good function of the body till the old age.

Back pain treatment

Back is the most common problem faced now a days in every person ‘s life due to their lifestyle. The back pain usually occurs due to seating in one position for a longer time and the problem is now seen mostly in the early age to people who works in front of the computer or laptop for a longer span. The problem may occur to the children as they too tend to sit in the same position for a longer time to study or watch tv or play. Hence, the back pain scientifically proved to be the most common and easily solvable problem in the physiotherapy department. The exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and improve the function of the back. This not only helps to reduce the pain but also helps to solve the problem permanently in a short period of time. It also reduces the risk of occurrence of the back pain appearing again in the future. The early diagnosis and the practice of method on the pain will help to get rid if the pain.

Thus physiotherapy is now necessary to be a part of nursing home, private clinic, health centre, hospital and with the help of massage, heat treatment exercise programme and other physical treatments it has become easier to over come many of the health and medical problems.Hence, the doctors suggest to usually avoid longer contact with technical things and exercise on regular basis.


The Asian institute of medical science (AIMS hospital) has a large department of physiotherapywith licensed medical professionaland main motive of our doctors and this hospital is to treat people suffering from any minor or major physical disorder, disease, deformity or pain. The main motive is of the betterment of the patient and has the best physiotherapist in thane. The physiotherapy is used to make the recovery quicker after surgery and also helps to in fact avoid small surgeries. Aims is one of the best physiotherapy hospital with the best physiotherapist that treat Geriatric Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy,Cardiovascular,Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, treatment, cardiac rehabilitation with the physical methods of exercise, diagnosing the abnormalities and give people the Benefits of Improved mobility and also Pain management. Physiotherapist in our hospitals make sure that the people get the right treatment on regular basis and their exercise programme is maintained well. The people’s exercise programme is well observed by our physiotherapist and the heat treatment is given by doctor. Aims is the best hospital for physiotherapy in Dombivli and the physiotherapist there are well knowledgeable and experienced. The doctor and the physiotherapist has to be very attentive towards the peoples needs and treat the problem to it best of the recovery. Physiotherapy is an attempt by a physiotherapist to address a person ‘s illness or injury or a limitation in a person ‘s ability to perform their daily life activities. Physiotherapy is defined as a treatment to cure any physical deformity, injury or disease through physical methodology like exercise, massage and heat treatment rather than giving any oral medicines or drug.