Super Specialities

AIMS Hospital is a dedicated Center of Excellence for all the super-specialties. We consider it our prime responsibility to provide high-quality clinical care to all our patients.

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Full Time Consultants

AIMS doctors are supported by standardised care protocols that help deliver consistent patient care and follow a common treatment plan for a given illness.

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Hi-tech Medical Equipments

AIMS Hospital has always led developments in healthcare by bringing the latest innovations in all the super-specialties. We provide outstanding healthcare to our patients.

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24/7 Pharmacy

State-of-the-art Pharmacy with various range of quality medicines.

Mortuary & Cold Storage



Bone & Joint

The Orthopaedics Department provides comprehensive care for musculoskeletal conditions in patients of all ages.

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Brain & Spine

At AIMS Hospital, the doctors provide cutting-edge care in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Interventional Neuroradiology.

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Cancer Care

Modalities are combined to create a treatment program that is appropriate for the patient and tumor characteristics.

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Cardiac Care

We provide an all-inclusive program for management of heart diseases like Angiography, Angioplasty or Coronary Artery Bypass.

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The Department of Ear, Nose & Throat offers comprehensive services under one roof. Equipped with modern technology.

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Eye Care

Many sight threatening diseases if detected early by routine examination of eyes and can be cured or treated to prevent or slow the vision loss.

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General & Laparoscopic Surgery

The Department of General Surgery deals with a range of surgical ailments and emergencies mostly abdominal surgeries.

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Gynaecology & Obstetrics

AIMS Hospital offers a host of facilities to ensure high-quality antenatal care of expectant mothers, new mothers, and babies.

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Kidney Care

We all know that kidney disease is on the rise in our country as well as in world. At AIMS we believe in informed patient care.

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Paediatrics & Neonatology

AIMS Hospital provides the best paediatric & neonatal care with state-of-the-art technologies under one roof.

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Rheumatology is a specialty of medicine which involves non surgical care of musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases.

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Highest Level of Care with Modern Facilities


Offering Multispeciality treatments & keeping patient- centric approach in mind, AIMS Hospital has established the state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern equipment's & positive ambience ....
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Kidney Transplant

AIMS Institute of Kidney Care and Transplant is the first and most comprehensive Kidney Transplant Centre in the Kalyan-Dombivli region with integrated team approach & superior outcomes.
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Health Checkups

Health Check-up is part of AIMS Hospital's pursuance of excellence in healthcare and the belief that preventative care is a wise investment. AIMS recommends this series of tests and examinations.
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Patient Testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our testimonials.

कोविड पॉझिटिव्हआल्यानंतर मीआणि माझे कुटुंब (माझी पत्नी व माझ्या दोन मुली) एम्स हॉस्पिटल मध्ये ऍडमिट झालो होतो. कोरोनाची प्रचंडमोठी भीती मनामध्ये होती, पण इथे असणारे सर्व डॉक्टर्स, नर्सेस व इतर पॅरामेडिकल स्टाफ यांनी अतिशय चांगली ट्रीटमेंट केली. जोधीर, मानसिक आधार दिला त्यामुळे मनातील भीती दूर झाली. माझ्या पत्नीला ऑक्सिजन लावायची वेळ आली होती पण या बिकट परिस्थितित सुद्धा त्वरित उपचार उपलब्ध झाले आणि ती लवकरात लवकर बरी झाली. मी एम्स हॉस्पिटलमधील सर्व स्टाफला खूप खूप धन्यवाद देतो, त्यांचे आभार कसे मानावेत हेच कळत नाहीत....

मा.श्री.रविंद्र चव्हाण

(माजीराज्यमंत्री, आमदार- बीजेपी, डोंबिवली शहर)

कोविड - १९ची टेस्ट पॉझिटिव्ह आल्यामुळे, मी एम्स हॉस्पिटल मध्ये ऍडमिट झालो. ऍडमिट झाल्यापासून डिस्चार्ज मिळेपर्यंत एम्स हॉस्पिटल मधून उत्कृष्ट दर्जाची ट्रीटमेंट मिळाली. येथील सर्व डॉक्टर्स, नर्सेस व इतर पॅरामेडिकल स्टाफ त्यांच्या कार्या प्रती समर्पित आहेत. इथे तुम्हाला तुमच्या आजारावर योग्य आणि प्रभावी इलाज उपलब्ध होतो. सध्या डोंबिवलीमध्ये कोरोनाच्या वाढत्या प्रादुर्भावामुळे चांगले औषधोपचार मिळणे कठीण झाले असतानाही एम्स हॉस्पिटलमध्ये मिळणाऱ्या सर्व सुविधा व उपचार खूपच उत्कृष्ट दर्जाचे आहेत.

मा.श्री.सदानंद थरवळ

(उपजिल्हाप्रमुख - कल्याण लोकसभा, शिवसेना संपर्क प्रमुख - दक्षिण रायगड)

Best hospital in Kalyan-Dombivli. Excellent team of doctors with commendable knowledge and positive outlook, which gave me confidence that I am in the right hands and they not only diagnosed my problem within minutes of just seeing me but also took my fear off. My best wishes to the entire team and will definitely choose & recommend AIMS for all the medical care.

Thank You



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