Dialysis Technician course


The Dialysis Technician Course trains healthcare professionals in operating dialysis machines utilized for patients having kidney diseases. Kidney dialysis makes the difference between life and death for those who suffer from renal failure. These dialysis technicians are also responsible for maintaining the equipment used for dialysis, a process that cleanses the blood of metabolic waste products. Post Dialysis Technician Training, students receive the Dialysis Technician Certification and get easy placement opportunities across India.

Course Objectives
  • To identify the treatment options of End stage Renal Disease
  • To provide high standard care through relevant assessment, planning implementing different strategies for patient care with ESRD
  • To apply relevant principles of dialysis therapy to patients undergoing chronic Haemodialysis treatment
  • To apply principle of safe practice in dialysis therapy
  • To demonstrate knowledge of principles of renal replacement therapy
  • To identify importance of control & prevention of infection, state the purpose of Universal precaution & follow infection control policy
  • To demonstrate skills in maintenance of dialysis equipment
  • To improve patient's quality of life by delivering efficient dialysis treatment

B.Sc. Chemistry /Zoology/ Botany or 12th Pass any stream

Course Duration
One year

Training Methodology
Lectures and practical Hands on

  • Minimum Attendance required for the examination is 80%
  • Minimum pass marks of the course is 80%

  • Modular Tests will be held on completion of each module
  • Final examination will be held at the end of academic year
  • Final Examination Pattern
  • - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
    - Skill Tests

Candidate will be awarded "Certificate in Dialysis Technology".