Breakthrough Cases

Patient Name: Mr. Baba Husain Shaikh

A 60-year-old Male patient presented with chief complaints of pain and fullness in stomach with black colored stool. No H/O medical co-morbidities. Upon investigation he was found to have hepatocellular carcinoma of left lobe with involvement of lesser curvature of stomach. Relevant investigations are as follows:-

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Dr. Swapnil Kapote
Left hepatectomy done on 19th September at AIMS Hospital.

Male Breast Cancer Case

We recently operated upon a male patient who had presented with a breast lump since a couple of months. The patient hailed from a rural place and had undergone a biopsy of the lump, which revealed adenoid cystic carcinoma, a very rare variant of breast carcinoma.

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Dr. Nimesh Lodh
Male Breast Cancer