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We and our cell phones are inseparable. But we need to take care of ourselves.

The meteoric progress in information technology has burgeoned into the age of smartphones which has totally changed the way people live, behave and perform different everyday tasks. What we are experiencing today is the exponential growth of smartphone uses that is taking control of practically all our activities. The emergence of new Apps almost on a daily basis are increasingly fortifying our smartphones and making us inseparable from them. However, like everything else in life, smartphones too have some negative sides and some of them are real worrisome. Recent studies suggest that using too much of cell phones may be linked to serious health conditions like brain cancer. Read More >

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How do you take care of somebody with congestive heart failure?

A congestive heart failure or attack may result fromeither the congestion in the coronary artery or due to a disease of the coronary artery. In both cases flow of blood going into or out of the heart is choked. The heart muscle gets damaged due to receiving not enough blood and oxygen on one hand, and also can’t pumpenough blood borne nutrients and oxygen to feed the tissues of the body parts, on the other. For an average person if a severe heart attack occurs, a time gap of maximum three hours is generally the limit before one can catch medical treatment. Many heart attack patients die before they can reach a hospital. The sooner the person gets to the emergency room, the better the chance of survival. Prompt medical treatment reduces the amount of heart damage.Read More >

By AIMS Hospital

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