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Spinal Cord Our backbone

The spinal cord is defined as a thin and long, tube shaped bundle of nervous tissue. The spinal cord also known as spine extends from the medukka oblongata to the lumbar part of the vertebral column in the brain stem. The central nervous system is made up of brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord (spine) starts at the occipital bone and meets the spinal canal which passes through the foramen magnum, at the start of the cervical vertebrae. The first and second lumbar vertebrae end connecting the spinal cord (spine). The vertebral column is enclosed and boney, protecting the shorter spinal cord (spine). The spinal cord (spine) in men is around 45 cm and in woman it is around 43 cm long. Read More >

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Cancer Treatment Modality

Cancer is a disease that has the ability to develop abnormal cells and then spread them in the other parts of the body. These cancer cells develop in one affected area and eventually grow in the rest body. Accept the benign tumors which do not spread to the other parts of the body. These abnormal cells once start forming in the body and eventually affect the healthy cells by converting them to cancer cells. These abnormal cells therefore make the healthy cells weak causing cancer cells and affect the entire body causing the diseases to develop more. Once the growth or formation these abnormal cells is stopped it is possible to recover from these diseases. The abnormal cells can be stopped from growing through proper medication, cancer prevention, vaccination, chemotherapy, surgery, palliative care, immunotherapy, laser therapy and proper treatment from specialist doctor and surgeon. Read More >

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Skin Specialist Doctor

A skin is a thin layer made up of tissue forming a natural outer that covers the body of people and animals. It the people‘s largest organ of the body. The skin is the most active and sensitive organ of human body. The outer layer of the skin that we touch and can feel is known as epidermis. The only first layer that comes in contact with outer microbes, chemicals and strong light rays. The deepest layer of skin is called as sub cutis. This layer of the skin helps to protect the people from forming any bumps after falling as it protects the muscles and bones with a layer of fat on it. Read More >

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Orthopedic Specialist

Orthopedic specialist is a doctor that helps to treat the ill people who are suffering from deformities of bones and muscles. People that are old aged or people who are born with deformities in their bones and muscles need the orthopedic treatment for the correction in the working of the abnormal or damaged body part. People who need correction in the performance in their daily activities has to consult an orthopedic specialist that can make correction in the deformities formed in people‘s bones and muscles. Read More >

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